No frame loss Constant size
GIF slimming

Significantly optimized to reduce file size. and remain visually lossless. Easily get smooth and clear GIF.

No Compromise Every Frame

Split the animation frame by frame, dynamically calculate the palette data of each frame image, and optimize it to the greatest extent. The whole process does not need to be manually set, and is 100% automatically processed by the algorithm.

Maintain original image quality

By removing redundancies and optimizing each image to the fullest extent possible, we can significantly reduce file size (up to 90%) while maintaining its full resolution and perceived quality without any visual artifacts.

On-device privacy

No uploads, no cloud, no leaks! Your images will be processed by our algorithm but will always stay on your device.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is there a waiting list?

    Because it's currently in closed beta, it means we're improving every day. The waitlist allows us to learn from your early feedback so we can improve it and ensure a high-quality experience for everyone.

  • How is the performance?

    Use the end-side AI algorithm for visual computing, and the file processing process is all executed at the speed of the machine. To ensure the completion of ultra-large-scale file processing tasks.

  • Is compatibility intact?

    The optimization algorithm selectively reduces the number of colors and volume size through visual calculation, without destroying the format of the file, and maintaining the same applicability as the original image.

  • Are the files safe?

    Your file is safe because it is not uploaded to the server, and all processing is based on the browser.

  • Will there be any quality loss?

    Get the smallest animation file size without compromising quality or changing your workflow. You can upload high-quality images faster, save a lot of hard drive space, speed up image loading and improve your customers' browsing experience.

  • Is it free to use?

    Yes, absolutely! The basic plan of all our software is free forever, even without account registration.

Have any other questions?